The Only ‘Link In Bio’ You’ll Ever Need

Clare Cullen / Clisare
4 min readNov 11, 2020

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‘Link in bio’ — the dreaded social media catchphrase.

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Before Instagram introduced the ‘swipe up’ feature, Instagrammers all over the world had to paste a link into the ‘website’ section of their profile bio every time they wanted to send their viewers from Instagram to another site like their blog, YouTube channel, etc.

Instagram isn’t the only place where this was an issue. Most websites, including Twitter, give you one spot for your “website”, so users have had to prioritize which platforms, campaigns, or blogs to promote.

While many accounts that don’t fulfill the requirements for the swipe up feature still opt for the changing “link in bio!” strategy — even more accounts have moved on to a new strategy, using a multi-functional link as their chosen link. This link normally takes the user to one page that features lots of different links to all of the things the user wants to promote alongside their brand.

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There are several services that allow you to do this; to compile a number of links within one URL. Examples of this include, by and other links that allow you to create a ‘shoppable’ version of your Instagram page with links added to each post, like Instashop or Metricool. However, in my opinion, the best ‘link in bio’ option is offered by

My page

The free version of matches and exceeds the features of a free account, and even lets you import your existing links to save you time.

It offers a customizable layout, the ability to put clickable social media icons at the top (separate from links), and the ability to feature a piece of content like a YouTube or Vimeo video, which is ideal for video creators or brands launching new products.



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